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WFO 2nd Foundry Young Researchers and Early Career Professionals Conference 2024
Instituto de Fundici?n Tabira / Tabira Foundry Institute

Christmas greeting to our industry
Instituto de Fundici?n Tabira / Tabira Foundry Institute
On behalf of the TABIRA Foundry Institute, it is our main wish you can all enjoy a full of good...

Workshop "Maximizing energy efficiency through waste heat recovery: opportunities and challenges"
Instituto de Fundici?n Tabira / Tabira Foundry Institute
The session will take place on the morning of November 9th in the facilities oz Azterlan...

The technical knowledge and networking marked the sixth edition of the Trater Day
Instituto de Fundición Tabira / Tabira Foundry Institute
More than 60 attendees at the 6th Technical Forum on Heat Treatment held on October 17

(in spanish)

IFEX 2015 - 6th Cast India Expo - 63rd Indian Foundry Congress (27feb-1mar)
Celebration of 11th International Exhibition on Foundry Technology, Equipment, Supplies,...

71st World Foundry Congress
The 71st World Foundry Congress will take place between 19th and 21st May 2014 in the city of...

Organised by the American Foundry Society (AFS),the 2013 CastExpo MetalCasting Congress will held...

70th World Foundry Congress
Information regarding the 70th World Foundry Congress that will take place in Monterrey(Mexico)...

KNOWLEDGE development and interchange

One of the main objectives of the Tabira Foundrymen Institute is the technical development and exchenge of KNOWLEDGE. To support this idea, there is an important data base with articles and technical documentation, with a restricted access available to its members.

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Nov 22 2007 gb

The foundry industry and the environment
Occupational exposure to chemical agents in the portuguese foundry industry J C Costa
Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade, Pt.
67th World Foundry Congress

This paper reports on a project on occupational exposure to chemical agents developed in the Portuguese foundry industry on 2000-2002, involving a sample of 15 foundries. A total of 148 exposure profiles to crystalline silica, metallic dust and fumes, total dust and mineral oil mist were determined through monitoring within the 234 similar exposure groups identified. The profiles are described in terms of statistical distributions whenev...

Nov 22 2007 gb

Advanced simulation techniques
Prediction of the influence of microstructure, porosity and residual stresses on strength properties of aluminum castings R Baehr *, M Todte * and H Stroppe **.
* University of Magdeburg, Germany, ** Institute of High Technologies and Edu. Germany
67th World Foundry Congress

It is necessary for a design engineer of castings to precisely know the mechanical properties (yield strength, tensile strength, elongation to fracture, strain hardening exponent and so on) of every part of the casting. These are very closely connected to the locally very different cooling- and solidification preconditions of the melt. Estimating strength properties through all the varying characteristics of the cast structure (dendrite s...

Nov 22 2007 gb

The foundry industry and the environment
How to link OSHA requirements to Kyoto`s demands for protection of climate? Rolf Kurtsiefer.
KMA GmbH, Koenigswinter, Germany.
67th World Foundry Congress

Since the idea of the “white foundry” was born, managers focussed a lot of their environmental activities on meeting the OSHA-requirements for occupational health: A look into a modern foundry shows impressive improvements of air quality inside the shop. Nevertheless the foundries activities for fume removal often could not yet solve the problem of working in accordance with the aims of sustainability: Increasing exhaust ...

Nov 22 2007 gb

Advanced simulation techniques
Research on mould filling process of melt in vertical centrifugal casting Guo Jingjie, Li Changyun, Wu Shiping, Fu Hengzhi
Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, P.R.China
67th World Foundry Congress

Mould filling of melt in vertical centrifugal casting is a complex process, which is governed by a number of processing variables. In this paper, a complete analysis of mold filling process of melt in vertical centrifugal casting is accomplished by combining theoretical analysis, numerical simulation and experiments. Results show that the melt fills the cavity with varying cross-sectional area and inclined angle. The filling process is d...

Nov 22 2007 gb

Light alloys
Study on vacuum die casting process of aluminum alloys HU Bo*, XIONG Shoumei1*, Masayuki Murakami**, Yoshihide Matsumoto**, and Shingo Ikeda**.
*Tsinghua University, Beijing , P.R. China; ** TOYO Machinery & Metal Co. Ltd, Japan
67th World Foundry Congress

The influences of process parameters and vacuum level in vacuum die casting technology on the density and mechanical properties of ADC12 alloy die castings were studied. Standard die casting tensile testing specimens were produced on a 650t cold chamber die casting machine with different vacuum pressures from 5kPa to 100kPa and different casting pressures from 66.7MPa to 22.7MPa. Other operating conditions were kept constant. Density, ul...

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