Sunday, 27th of September, 2020

Tabira Foundry Institute

Sala de conferencias del I.F. Tabira

The Tabira Foundry Institute is located in Durango. It is housed in the premises of Azterlan Metallurgical Research Centre.

Among other things, Tabira has a conference room, a library (books, international technical journals, technical papers) and a big meeting room. These areas are all available to the associate members.

Our Address

Aliendalde Auzunea, 6 - 48200 Durango - Bizkaia (Spain)
Tel: +34 94 621 54 70 - Fax: +34 94 621 54 71

Contact List

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Access Plan

Download and print the pdf file telling you how to get to our offices.

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GPS Location

Latitude: 43║9'43''N : Longitude: 2║37'3''O