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Open access to IJMC 2nd Carl Loper Cast Iron Symposium Issue

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WFO working meetings with foundry nations
Instituto de Fundición Tabira / Tabira Foundry Institute
The Tabira Foundry Institute participates as the representative of our foundry sector at the...

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Instituto de Fundición Tabira / Tabira Foundry Institute
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Save the date: celebration of the 2020 General Assembly of the Tabira Foundry Institute
Instituto de Fundición Tabira / Tabira Foundry Institute
The annual meeting between the Associate Members of the Tabira Foundry Institute will take place...

The World Foundry Organization

World Foundry Organization

The World Foundry Organization was established in 1927 with the main objective of facilitating technical cooperation between member associations.

At present there are some 33 Member Associations, which include the biggest worldwide casting producers and consumers.

One of the main objectives of the WFO is the global interchange of technical knowledge and the active international cooperation between its country members by taking part in the following activities:

Organization of an annual World Foundry Forum

Presentation of documentation and technical studies related to the latest research and foundry advances.

World Foundry Congress

Every two years, it is extended with a World Foundry Congress that includes a vast and interesting technical programme.

The 74th World Foundry Congress "Cast the Future" will bring together worldwide technicians in an event that will take place from the 18th to the 22nd of October 2020 in the city of Busan, South Korea.

74th World Foundry Congress

Setting Up Of International Commissions

Working commissions related to specific aspects identified by the associates members, generally focused on Research & Development topics.

Nowadays there are 14 commissions working.

It is thus, one of the most important world networks working for the development of foundry knowledge and technology.