Tuesday, 27th of July, 2021


Save the date: celebration of the 2021 General Assembly of the Tabira Foundry Institute
Instituto de Fundición Tabira / Tabira Foundry Institute
The annual meeting between the Associate Members of the Tabira Foundry Institute will take place...

Along with the collaboration of the Durangaldea Commonwealth, the Basque Government will present in Abadiño (Biscay) the 2021 Aid Plan aimed at SMEs
Instituto de Fundición Tabira / Tabira Foundry Institute
New reshoring and diversification programs, acquisition of equipment for research or...

Nearly 90 companies meet to share strategies for improving the performance of metals in corrosive environments.
Instituto de Fundición Tabira / Tabira Foundry Institute
The meeting is part of the Corrosion Awareness Day 2021 and was proposed by the Tabira Foundry...

Industrial SMEs develop a cycle of meetings to anticipate the impact of the electric car on their business
Instituto de Fundición Tabira / Tabira Foundry Institute
Throughout a working itinerary with experts, the participating SMEs have addressed topics going...

Incorporation and active Participation

The challenge pose by any technological advance and the aim of reaching top quality as far as products and processes are concerned are two of the most outstanding characteristics of the Tabira Foundrymen Institute members.

This technical initiative is integrated and counts with an active participation of the following key groups that form the Foundry Industry:

Incorporation and active Participation

  • Foundry industries

    Those industries whose activities are related to moulding, melting and pouring or with the different transformational processes of the metallic materials.

  • Materials and equipment supplier

    Companies that supply raw materials, equipments or cast components, along with machining centres, heat treatment centres, model makers...

  • Cast components consumers

    Companies that design or use cast components.

  • Technical, R&D centres, and professionals

    Study and training centres, as well as individual members and technical professionals involved in transformational processes of metallic materials, foundries and the like.

The fact of integrating these groups within the same project is new and really practical; it is no doubt a way of establishing stronger and more stable working frames that those currently available.