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How metals employers engage in the UK skills agenda
E Bonfield
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The South African aluminium foundry industry - An international perspective
Dr Tom Paterson, FIMMM, FICME, C.Sci
This paper will consider the question ‘can South Africa make it as a global supplier of...

A new future for gravity moulding
M Bakrim, J Vervier, C Vandenhaute, F Ngirabacu and D Vervier.
Gravity moulding process should be automated for 2 main reasons. Firstly the large series of...

New adaptive machining methods for the foundry industry
Peter Dickin
Computer-based methods for machining and inspection are well established in the foundry...

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IFEX 2015 - 6th Cast India Expo - 63rd Indian Foundry Congress (27feb-1mar)
Celebration of 11th International Exhibition on Foundry Technology, Equipment, Supplies,...

71st World Foundry Congress
The 71st World Foundry Congress will take place between 19th and 21st May 2014 in the city of...

Organised by the American Foundry Society (AFS),the 2013 CastExpo MetalCasting Congress will held...

70th World Foundry Congress
Information regarding the 70th World Foundry Congress that will take place in Monterrey(Mexico)...

News and Events of the Tabira F.I.

Please note the source language is spanish.
Nov 30 2011

Key innovation factors for the Forging Industry Instituto de Fundición Tabira
The forging technical seminar has covered areas which reflect the current situation of the forging market.

Oct 31 2011

Cold work seminar: "Tool solutions for blanking and forming operations on high strength materials" Instituto de Fundición TABIRA
A total of 207 professionals from 95 companies have taken part in the cold forming seminars held on 27 October and 25 May 2011 at the Azterlan Metallurgy Research Center in Durango, Spain.

Oct 01 2011

VII International Foundry Technical Forum VII International Foundry Technical Forum Instituto de Fudición TABIRA
The VII International Foundry Technical Forum, “Key innovation and competitiveness factors in the Foundry Industry”, has gathered together 170 professionals, technicians and investigators from 73 companies, universities and research and technological centers from all over Europe, in an event held on 28 and 29 September at Bilbao Exhibition Centre. During the two working days, a total of 14 national and international speakers have presented the...

Jun 13 2011

III International Press Hardening Technical Forum This important technical event will take place in the Automotive Intelligence Center (Spain) on the 23rd of June 2011.

May 26 2011

Cold work seminar. Tool solutions for blanking and forming operations on high strength materials Cold work seminar. Tool solutions for blanking and forming operations on high strength materials Instituto de Fundición TABIRA
A total of 113 technicians belonging to 49 different stamping companies took part in this interesting technical session celebrated in the conference hall of the AZTERLAN Metallurgical Technical centre.

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