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WFO Foundry Young Researchers and Early Career Professionals Conference
Instituto de Fundición Tabira / Tabira Foundry Institute
AMPLIACIÓN DEL CALL FOR PAPERS HASTA EL 26 DE FEBRERO para la primera edición de la...

Felicitación de Navidad para nuestra industria
Instituto de Fundición Tabira / Tabira Foundry Institute
Desde el Instituto de Fundición TABIRA, nuestro principal deseo de un 2023 cargado de...

Encuentro Bizkaia Orekan Sakonduz, liderazgo colaborativo para el desarrollo de industria y servicios avanzados
Instituto de Fundición Tabira / Tabira Foundry Institute
La estrategia colaborativa de la Diputación Foral de Bizkaia para relanzar la...

Celebrada la Jornada "Retos de la gestión de residuos industriales. Plan de prevención y gestión de residuos de Euskadi 2030"
Instituto de Fundición Tabira / Tabira Foundry Institute
Un total de 38 personas de 29 organizaciones han tomado parte en este destacado marco de trabajo...


IFEX 2015 - 6ª Cast India Expo - 63 Congreso de Fundición de la India (27feb-1mar)
La celebración en la India de la 11ª Feria Internacional de Tecnología,...

71 Congreso Mundial de Fundición
El 71 Congreso Mundial de Fundición se llevará a cambo entre el 19 y el 21 de mayo...

CastExpo 2013
Organizado por American Foundry Society (AFS), el Congreso de fundición más...

70º Congreso Mundial de Fundición
Información sobre el 70º Congreso Mundial de Fundición que se celebrará...

Desarrollo e intercambio del CONOCIMIENTO

El Instituto de Fundición Tabira tiene como principal finalidad el desarrollo e intercambio del CONOCIMIENTO para lo cual dispone de una amplia base de datos con artículos y documentación técnica, cuyo acceso queda exclusivamente reservado a sus socios.

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Nov 07 2007 gb

Aleaciones ligeras
Role of carbon as solute element in carbon grain refinement of Mg-Al alloy Seong-Yong Shim, Qinglin Jin, Su-Gun Lim*
Gyeongsang National University, Jinju, Gyeongnam, Korea
67th World Foundry Congress

Grain refining effects of carbon (C2Cl6) addition were investigated using AZ31 magnesium alloy. The addition of C2Cl6 to AZ31 magnesium alloy significantly reduced the grain size from 400㎛to about 120㎛. The tensile properties were increased due to grain refinement. EPMA analysis showed that apparent segregation of carbon element was occurred in AZ31castings treated with carbon. It was considered that the carbon may ...

Nov 07 2007 gb

Fusión y equipos
Oxygen technologies: reduce melting cost and emissions T. Niehoff *, P. Keena **
* Air Products GmbH, Germany, ** Air Products plc, UK.
67th World Foundry Congress

This Paper describes the economic and technical case for implementing Air Products\' Rapidfire APCOS technology in an iron cupola operation to offset the impact of high and unpredictable costs for coke, steel scrap and alloying agents that all foundries are experiencing. The Paper includes real examples of this technology in operation today, where it typically delivers net savings of between £1 and £3 per tonne of liquid...

Nov 07 2007 gb

Cast iron material standards for a new millennium M P Macnaughtan C.Eng MIMMM FICME
67th World Foundry Congress

A shift in the production of cast iron components away from the western industrialised nations, and the emergence of Asian countries as producers of significant volumes of cast iron, resulted in the reactivation of the International Organization for Standardisation committee ISO TC 25 under the Secretariat of the United Kingdom. The first plenary of ISO/TC 25 held in 1998 agreed that a review and revision of the published ISO standards f...

Nov 07 2007 gb

Técnicas de simulación avanzadas
The use of different computer simulation software packages to predict casting filling and solidification S Oxley and P M Haigh
Castings Technology International
67th World Foundry Congress

A series of filling and solidification simulations have been carried out using different simulation programs to evaluate the effectiveness of simulation for precision castings. A four casting geometry was designed to be a problematical system to create a very poor filling pattern and with a feeding method which will produce areas containing shrinkage defects. Results were determined using six different commercially available software pro...

Nov 07 2007 gb

Técnicas de simulación avanzadas
Improving casting performance through customized insulating shapes and advanced simulation techniques Prat*, M Arrieta, J Galaz , A Beeson, A Meléndez*** E Anglada, T. Vicario, A Seoane**, A Jorge
67th World Foundry Congress

Over the years foundries have been looking for ways to improve their process. IBERIA ASHLAND and INASMET TECNALIA, together with BETSAIDE S.A.L. have implemented an innovative solution for methoding castings to ensure the integrity of the finished parts by using their latest development of customized insulating shapes combined with advanced simulation techniques. This study will show how improvements can be achieved in the mechanical cha...

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