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Jornada de difusión - Retos de la gestión de residuos industriales
Instituto de Fundición Tabira / Tabira Foundry Institute
Jornada de trabajo con empresas que se celebrará el próximo 12 de diciembre el en...

Encuentro virtual del presidente de la WFO con representantes de fundiciones norteamericanas
Instituto de Fundición Tabira / Tabira Foundry Institute
El encuentro virtual “A Global Foundry Update from the WFO” permitió explorar las...

Presentación de la situación global del sector de fundición a gerentes de compañías de Polonia en su encuentro anual en Kielce

El encuentro anual de gerentes de fundición de Polonia contó con una ponencia...

Empresas industriales suministradoras del sector de automoción discuten sobre los retos que la electrificación del sector va a provocar en los proveedores de componentes locales
Instituto de Fundición Tabira / Tabira Foundry Institute
El diálogo se produjo en el entorno de una jornada de trabajo cuyo objetivo ha sido...


IFEX 2015 - 6ª Cast India Expo - 63 Congreso de Fundición de la India (27feb-1mar)
La celebración en la India de la 11ª Feria Internacional de Tecnología,...

71 Congreso Mundial de Fundición
El 71 Congreso Mundial de Fundición se llevará a cambo entre el 19 y el 21 de mayo...

CastExpo 2013
Organizado por American Foundry Society (AFS), el Congreso de fundición más...

70º Congreso Mundial de Fundición
Información sobre el 70º Congreso Mundial de Fundición que se celebrará...

Desarrollo e intercambio del CONOCIMIENTO

El Instituto de Fundición Tabira tiene como principal finalidad el desarrollo e intercambio del CONOCIMIENTO para lo cual dispone de una amplia base de datos con artículos y documentación técnica, cuyo acceso queda exclusivamente reservado a sus socios.

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Dic 20 2007 gb

Multiloop approach for automatic mould filling in ferrous foundry. C. Debray*, M. Dussud*, M. Biardeau*, and P. Canon**
* SERT, France, ** ACI Le Mans, France
67th World Foundry Congress

Foundries expect such performance from automatic pouring that their requisites are going beyond the reach of a classic approach to automatic control. A particular shortcoming that has been evidenced is that an automatic system based on a single level sensor is not apt to cope with the phenomena related to mould filling speed, such as refeeding. Multiloop strategy answers those needs: it implies a second camera, called post-pouring sensor...

Dic 20 2007 gb

Gestión y marketing
A Global Castings Users Viewpoint Mandy Kennedy
Cummins Turbo Technology Ltd.
67th World Foundry Congress

Cummins Turbo Technology Ltd are major users of castings. Mandy Kennedy is the Global Quality Executive for the company and will present her views on how the industry is changing and how suppliers to the company will need to adapt. This will include changes to alloys and specifications, surface finish requirements and the trend towards purchasing sub-assemblies and finished machined sub-assemblies. The presentation will also focus on how...

Dic 17 2007 gb

Aleaciones ligeras
Alpha-case Controlled Titanium Casting Si-Young Sung and Young-Jig Kim
Sungkyunkwan University, Suwon, Korea
67th World Foundry Congress

The alpha-case formation mechanism was elucidated for the titanium casting. The α-case formation reaction between Ti and Al2O3 mold was examined in a plasma arc melting furnace. The reaction products were characterized by electron probe micro-analyzer and transmission electron microscopy. The α-case generation between Ti and Al2O3 mold was not able to be explained by the conventional α-case formation mechanism, ...

Dic 17 2007 gb

Titanium matrix (TiB+TiC) composites shot sleeve for Al alloys diecasting Si-Young Sung, Bong-Jae Choi and Young-Jig Kim
Sungkyunkwan University, Suwon, Korea
67th World Foundry Congress

The applicability of titanium matrix composites (TMCs) sleeve for Al alloys die-casting was investigated by interfacial reaction, and wear and mechanical test. (TiC +TiB) reinforced TMCs were in-situ synthesized and net-shape formed using a horizontal vacuum induction melting system. The resistance-ability of (TiC+TiB) reinforced TMCs to molten Al alloys attack was also examined. Their reactions were carried out in a furnace at 993 K for...

Dic 17 2007 gb

Aleaciones ligeras
The new method and device for fast evaluating inoculation result of eutectic Al-Si alloy Li Dayong, Shi Dequan, Wang Lihua and Zhang Yutong
Harbin University of Science and Technology, P.R.China
67th World Foundry Congress

Inoculation is a necessary step to produce high quality eutectic Al-Si alloy castings. Thermal analysis and metallographic observation methods have been being used to evaluate inoculation result of eutectic Al-Si alloy in real production, however they are unable to meet the requirement of real time monitoring in front of furnace because of their relative long measuring period. The authors put forward a new method to evaluate inoculation ...

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