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II Conferencia de J?venes Investigadores y Profesionales de Fundici?n 2024
Instituto de Fundici?n Tabira / Tabira Foundry Institute
Los temas de la conferencia incluyen SOLUCIONES DE FUNDICI?N, M?TODOS DIGITALES E INGENIER?A PARA...

Felicitaci?n de Navidad para nuestra industria
Instituto de Fundici?n Tabira / Tabira Foundry Institute
Desde el Instituto de Fundici?n TABIRA, nuestro principal deseo de un 2024 cargado de salud y de...

Workshop "Mejorando la eficiencia energ?tica mediante la recuperaci?n de calor residual: Retos y oportunidades"
Instituto de Fundici?n Tabira / Tabira Foundry Institute
La sesi?n tendr? lugar el 9 de noviembre en las instalaciones del Centro de Investigaci?n...

El conocimiento técnico y el networking marcan la sexta edición del Trater Day
Instituto de Fundición Tabira / Tabira Foundry Institute
Más de 60 asistentes al VI Fórum Técnico de Tratamiento...


IFEX 2015 - 6ª Cast India Expo - 63 Congreso de Fundición de la India (27feb-1mar)
La celebración en la India de la 11ª Feria Internacional de...

71 Congreso Mundial de Fundición
El 71 Congreso Mundial de Fundición se llevará a cambo entre el 19 y...

CastExpo 2013
Organizado por American Foundry Society (AFS), el Congreso de fundición...

70º Congreso Mundial de Fundición
Información sobre el 70º Congreso Mundial de Fundición que...

Desarrollo e intercambio del CONOCIMIENTO

El Instituto de Fundición Tabira tiene como principal finalidad el desarrollo e intercambio del CONOCIMIENTO para lo cual dispone de una amplia base de datos con artículos y documentación técnica, cuyo acceso queda exclusivamente reservado a sus socios.

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Nov 30 2007 gb

Técnicas de simulación avanzadas
Three-dimensional modelling and simulation of die-casting processes for AlSi alloys H Y Hwang*, J-K Choi*, E I Marukovich**, A M Branovitsky** and I L Zakharov**.
* Korean Institute of Industrial Technologies (KITECH), Korea, (ITM NAS of Belarus), Belarus.
67th World Foundry Congress

We propose a novel method for simulation die-casting process of AlSi alloys with preset microstructure. This approach based on two separated steps, including microstructure modelling required for production alloys with possibility of quenching heredity solidification, then hydrodynamic simulation of mold filling with parameters of modelled alloy. Developed method can be used for the process optimization of die-casting. Advantage of propo...

Nov 30 2007 gb

Effects of inoculation and solidification rate on the thermal conductivity of grey cast iron Daniel Holmgren, Attila Diószegi and Ingvar L. Svensson.
Jönköping University, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering/Component Technology, S-551 11 Jönköping Swede
67th World Foundry Congress

Laser flash technique has been used to evaluate the thermal conductivity of pearlitic grey cast iron solidified at three distinct cooling rates. Ten different heats were performed with various inoculation treatments. Influences of fraction primary phase and eutectic cell diameter have been revealed by colour etching. SEM studies have been accomplished in order to investigate the graphite morphology of the examined materials. The thermal ...

Nov 30 2007 gb

Processing of Al-Mg/Al2O3 interpenetrating composites by pressureless infiltration H Chang*, J G P Binner*, R L Higginson*, R Sambrook**.
*IPTME, Loughborough University, UK, **Hi-Por Ceramics Ltd, Sheffield, UK.
67th World Foundy Congress

Al-Mg/Al2O3 interpenetrating composites have been produced at atmospheric pressure by infiltrating 2-10 wt.% magnesium content Al-Mg alloys into 20% dense Al2O3 foams with highly interconnected porosity. The processing parameters of temperature, ≥900°C, and atmosphere, flowing N2-Ar, were investigated to determine the processing window and infiltration kinetics. In-situ observation of the process shows that infiltrati...

Nov 30 2007 gb

Aleaciones ligeras
On the effect of cooling conditions and variation of alloying elements on the microstructural and mechanical properties of Al-7%Si cast alloys Salem Seifeddine and Ingvar L Svensson
Jönköping University, School of Engineering,Component technology, Sweden
67th World Foundry Congress

In order to study the isolated influence of microstructure and alloying elemets on the mechanical properties of Al-7%Si based alloys, the level of defects arising from the melt handling and cast process needs to be minimized. Therefore, gradient solidification technology has been applied, providing tensile test samples with a low content of defects and a well-fed homogenous microstructure. In the present work, the influence of cooling ra...

Nov 30 2007 gb

Gestión y marketing
Latest trends in industrial skills development techniques Dr. C. Ashley*, Eur Ing C.J.C. Bale*, N. Millan*, T.M. Williams * and R.J. Hendley**.
*AutoTrain LLP, UK, ** School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham, UK.
67th World Foundry Congress

This paper describes the application of Internet-based technologies to improve skills within manufacturing industries. Employees need continued training and e-learning offers a more flexible method to complement and replace conventional training. The methodologies and advantages of elearning are described, with its freedom from time, travel and accessibility constraints, as developed by one of the world leaders in e-learning techniques. ...

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