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WFO Foundry Young Researchers and Early Career Professionals Conference
Instituto de Fundición Tabira / Tabira Foundry Institute
AMPLIACIÓN DEL CALL FOR PAPERS HASTA EL 26 DE FEBRERO para la primera edición de la...

Felicitación de Navidad para nuestra industria
Instituto de Fundición Tabira / Tabira Foundry Institute
Desde el Instituto de Fundición TABIRA, nuestro principal deseo de un 2023 cargado de...

Encuentro Bizkaia Orekan Sakonduz, liderazgo colaborativo para el desarrollo de industria y servicios avanzados
Instituto de Fundición Tabira / Tabira Foundry Institute
La estrategia colaborativa de la Diputación Foral de Bizkaia para relanzar la...

Celebrada la Jornada "Retos de la gestión de residuos industriales. Plan de prevención y gestión de residuos de Euskadi 2030"
Instituto de Fundición Tabira / Tabira Foundry Institute
Un total de 38 personas de 29 organizaciones han tomado parte en este destacado marco de trabajo...


IFEX 2015 - 6ª Cast India Expo - 63 Congreso de Fundición de la India (27feb-1mar)
La celebración en la India de la 11ª Feria Internacional de Tecnología,...

71 Congreso Mundial de Fundición
El 71 Congreso Mundial de Fundición se llevará a cambo entre el 19 y el 21 de mayo...

CastExpo 2013
Organizado por American Foundry Society (AFS), el Congreso de fundición más...

70º Congreso Mundial de Fundición
Información sobre el 70º Congreso Mundial de Fundición que se celebrará...

Desarrollo e intercambio del CONOCIMIENTO

El Instituto de Fundición Tabira tiene como principal finalidad el desarrollo e intercambio del CONOCIMIENTO para lo cual dispone de una amplia base de datos con artículos y documentación técnica, cuyo acceso queda exclusivamente reservado a sus socios.

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Dic 17 2007 gb

HIPing – A potent post casting treatment for high integrity aluminium castings R.M.PILLAI
Regional Research Laboratory (CSIR), India
67th World Foundry Congress

The increasing use of high integrity Al castings for repeated loading applications warrants improved fatigue properties as well. The principal cause for the lower fatigue properties and reliability of aluminium castings is the presence of defects and inhomogenities, which are the preferred fatigue initiation sites. Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIPing) is a powerful post casting treatment for eliminating defects like shrinkage porosity and hyd...

Dic 17 2007 gb

Production of ductile iron castings without feeders Rudolf Val. Sillén*
* NovaCast Technologies AB, Sweden
67th World Foundry Congress

The paper focuses on the mechanisms behind shrinkages in cast iron and how they can be avoided. Grey and ductile iron are unique casting alloys due to their solidification behaviour. During solidification the alloys initially contract when the temperature drops from the pouring temperature to the liquidus temperature. This contraction must always be compensated for by supply of feed metal from the gating system and often also from a feede...

Dic 10 2007 gb

Gestión y marketing
Metal Casting’s Secret Ingredient William W. Sorensen
Executive Director, Foundry Educational Foundation, Schaumburg, IL USA
67th World Foundry Congress

This paper describes the work of the Foundry Educational Foundation FEF, in the USA to support students working in the metal castings industry. The paper describes how the FEF works in conjunction with the American Foundrymen’s Society, AFS, the castings industry and educational establishments to support the developments of the industry future leaders in the American castings industry.

Dic 10 2007 gb

Gestión y marketing
Aerospace Castings – The Future Challenge David E. Jakstis
Spirit Aerosystems Wichita, Kansas USA
67th World Foundry Industry

Castings have been employed on the earliest airplanes produced and continue to contribute to the structural systems of aircraft today. With the competitive drive to reduce aircraft costs, castings have been able to provide production solutions that reduce manufacturing costs, reduce part requirements, reduce assembly cycle time, and even reduce the weight. Despite these contributions, there has been a reluctance to design aircraft with c...

Dic 10 2007 gb

Aleaciones ligeras
Effect of melting and casting conditions on aluminium metal quality Derya DISPINAR, John CAMPBELL
Department of Metallurgy and Materials, University of Birmingham, UK.
67th World Foundry Congress

A study in a secondary alloy ingot producing plant was targeted to investigate the metal quality change in the holding furnace during secondary remelting of aluminum alloy LM24 (Al-8Si-3Cu-Fe). The investigation was an attempt to understand the effect of (i) the use of diffusers (porous plugs integrated into the body of the furnace) and (ii) casting techniques involving different degrees of turbulence. Casting density and bifilm index we...

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